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National Laboratory Opportunities

Recent Webinars

April 23, 2012 – "Educational Opportunities in Bioenergy"

This focused on educational opportunities at two Department of Energy (DOE) national labs: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). During the webinar, experts from NREL and ORNL showcased specific bioenergy research programs and exciting educational opportunities available for undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral students at the labs. The webinar topics featured synopses of these bioenergy research programs, highlights of the benefits to students participating in them, and a list of important contacts to help students get involved. Webcast presenters included current and former student participants and leaders of the bioenergy research programs from both national labs, who provided information on the programs and their experiences.

National Laboratories

The DOE Office of Science is the steward of 10 national laboratories that support the missions of its science programs. The national laboratory system, created over a half-century ago, represents the most comprehensive research system of its kind in the world. These laboratories perform research and development that is not well suited to university or private sector research facilities because of its scope, infrastructure, or multidisciplinary nature, but for which there is a strong public and national purpose.

A high level of collaboration among all of the national laboratories in the use of world-class scientific equipment and supercomputers, facilities, and multidisciplinary teams of scientists increases their collective contribution to DOE and the Nation, making the laboratory system more valuable as a whole than as the sum of its parts.

The Office of Science oversees these 10 national laboratories:

· Ames Laboratory
· Argonne National Laboratory
· Brookhaven National Laboratory
· Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
· Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
· Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
· Oak Ridge National Laboratory
· Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
      Internships for Undergraduates

· Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
· SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

In addition, the Office of Science funds research and development projects conducted at these additional national laboratories, which are overseen by other DOE offices:

· Idaho National Laboratory
· Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
· Los Alamos National Laboratory
· National Energy Technology Laboratory
· National Renewable Energy Laboratory
· Sandia National Laboratories
· Savannah River National Laboratory

Each of the laboratories listed above has specific requirements when applying for internships. Please contact Keith Rutlin in the Center for Sustainable Energy for assistance when applying for an internship at one of these laboratories.