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Seminar Series

The spring 2015 seminar series presentations CHE802 class meets at 10:30 – 11:20am on Thursday’s starting January 22, 2015 in 1029 Durland.

IGERT trainees and faculty will attend a scheduled public seminar series one-credit class. In this seminar, students and faculty will encounter the language and methods of other disciplines, the necessary requisites for effective interdisciplinary collaboration.  Topics from across the bioenergy spectrum will be explored as will methods for successful disciplinary research and interdisciplinary collaboration.  A structured but informal atmosphere will encourage student-faculty exchange.  The seminar will feature presentations by students, faculty, as well as eminent scientists from around the world. 

The seminar series is a core element of the IGERT program.  It reinforces the IGERT case study course, and provides a venue for IGERT trainees to further develop their disciplinary and interdisciplinary fluency.  It provides a forum for sharing research approaches and progress among core research teams, adding breadth to the trainee's experiences.  It provides a platform for routine sharing with the campus about advances in discovery, integration, application, and teaching from the IGERT program.