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Central to Kansas State University's mission since founding as a land-grant school in 1863 are science and research to address humankind's problems. Now as then, K-State research creates new knowledge that improves life, and the scientific investigative process refreshes classes and other educational opportunities for the student body. The increasing societal demand for universities to develop inventions and technologies emerging from research adds a new university function as economic engine.

K-State awards 150 doctorate degrees annually and its funding base for research exceeds $200 million. In a typical year its research programs attract $110 million in outside funding from such federal agencies as NSF, USDA, DOE, DOD and EPA.

  • Funding Opportunities - The Kansas State University Office of Research and Sponsored Programs provides a listing of funding opportunities.
  • 2015 Energy Symposium - The CSE hosts an annual Energy Symposium each spring at Kansas State University. The primary focus of the symposium is on having select private industries, organizations, public agencies, and others present their approaches and efforts regarding how they incorporate sustainability into their specific product streams and how they address risks and opportunities.
  • Sustainable Bioenergy Seminar Series - In this seminar, students and faculty will encounter the language and methods of other disciplines, the necessary requisites for effective interdisciplinary collaboration. 
  • NSF IGERT Student Publications (PDF) - The National Science Foundation Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) students publish documents and present poster presentations on a periodic basis.
  • Summer Research Programs - Kansas State University offers many summer research programs for undergraduate students.